Friday, May 30, 2014

MIDNIGHT MALICE, DROID, WARSENAL, NAGASAKI at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto, doors at 9pm.

Tonight's the Nite.

MIDNIGHT MALICE, DROID, WARSENAL, NAGASAKI at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto, doors at 9pm.

As a special bonus treat tonite we will be screening the premiere of the brand new MIDNIGHT MALICE / MATT MACDUFF video for the song In The Dead of Night. This video was directed by Kenny MacLaughlin and shot in Markham at the Joy Ride 150 indoor bike park. We got a good look at a rough cut of the video last nite and 'Stoked levels are thru the roof'

Second bonus treat will be these sweet ass t-shirts we just got printed by the fine people over at the Paranoid Print Co. We'll have these shirts and the rest of our tasty merch on sale at the rager tonite. So come out and support the boys on the eve of their first Canadian tour.

It's friday, the weather is nice, fuck work, fuck school, so get your ass out to the gig and get fucked sideways.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


The MIDNIGHT MALICE CROSS CANADIAN RAGER in support of the release of the debut album Proving Grounds, starts this Saturday May 24th with a crusty affair in London Ontario at the Richmond Tavern. We are stoked to make our first appearance in this city with other esteemed dignitaries of the likes of CHEMICAL BURN, WIDE OPEN THROTTLE and DISRAPE.

This will be the first MIDNIGHT MALICE show featuring Brian Stephenson filling in on bass guitar. Brian has been working hard laying down such savory bass lines. Nutt humming bass lines ...

 From there MIDNIGHT MALICE bring the party to Sneaky Dees in Toronto Friday May 30th . This party will be rounded out by the likes of DROID, WARSENAL and NAGASAKI 

Very excited to play this show with the release of Proving Grounds out for public consumption

Grab a copy today

The tour continues off to western Canada for Rager swipe through Vancouver, Edmonton and the Calgary Metal Fest

Flying into Calgary June 4th the boys are piling in the van for a spiritual journey over the majestic Rocky Mountains into Vancouver BC for a show Thursday June 5th at Thrashers with our soon to be best friends ROAD RASH and MANIC STRIKE. Almost can't explain how ambitious this is for MALICE to be playing in Vancouver for the first time, so please try and make it out to support, buy a little merch and bring some weed.

Back in the van for an epic over nite drive back over the Rocky Mountains into Edmonton for a super huge show with STRIKER, GATEKRASHOR and WARSENAL, Friday June 6th at Pawn Shop. This reward for our cross plateau journey will be sweet to the taste as this slamming show will make Canadian Metal history for the Summer of 2014.

Then the triumphant return to their Hometown of Calgary Alberta for the 2nd Annual Calgary Metal Fest Saturday June 7th at Dicken's Pub. It's been 3 long years since MIDNIGHT MALICE have played Calgary at the 2011 Noctis fest. This will be huge as well. Looking forward to seeing alot of familiar faces out at this one.

Returning east MIDNIGHT MALICE will be playing Coop Katakombes in Montreal openning for GRIM REAPER along with MAD PARISH.

It's gonna be sweet rite?? Yeah it is. This will be a very rare appearance of Steve Grimmett's GRIM REAPER rockin Canadian soil. This is worthy of a road trip so we hope to see everyone in Hell. 

Ok how could this get better??? It's can't rite? Like all that stuff was pretty awesome. Well how about one last rager in Ottawa with METALIAN, FLYING FORTRESS and BARROW WIGHT at Mavericks. June FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Remember when Brian Stephenson was still playing bass in these shows? Man gonna be pretty sweet when Brian Stephenson's MIDNIGHT MALICE band rock the shit out of Mavericks with such stellar high volume com padres.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We're adding London Ontario to our growing list of shows starting in late May with good old Brian Stephenson raging out on the bass guitar. Brian is donating his time for the cause and after this run of shows he's returning to his own band Old James with legendary drummer Chris Steve.

You'd really have to be crusty to the bone to not love Brian. Still trying to imagine how raging the shows will get once this maniac joins Toronto's Bad Boys of metal on stage for the shows in May/June.

Here's a pretty rad clip of Brian playing bass with
Annihilator in 2007 at a show in Helsinki, Brian starting on stage right is joined on stage by
Corey Beaulieu and Alexi Laiho


There's a slight chance we will have one or two more shows but don't miss your chance to make it out and witness this grand cornucopia of metal slaying talent unleashed live on stage for your own amusement..

So come out to rage, introduce yourself, get fucked up and buy some merch.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The New MIDNIGHT MALICE album PROVING GROUNDS is now available for purchase thru digital download on itunes, spotfly and all your favourite digital online music stores. So please think about supporting us by making a purchase of the gift that keeps giving, awesome music.

We also have shirts and CDs available for purchase here  

We are working on new merchandise for our live shows in May/June so stayed tuned

Two awesome CD reviews written by obviously intelligent and tasteful chaps over at Sleaze Roxx, of the new album PROVING GROUNDS

Sunday, April 27, 2014

We are starting a collection of live dates this May/June. Any promoters out there or people in the know could help us out filling a few more dates, particularily Saturday May 31st please reach out with your helping hand

 Here's a video clip of MIDNIGHT MALICE playing a new song with GLENN FIVE on bass, live at the CD Release show April 5th at the Bovine.

The song is called M.I.A., so grab a chicken shawarma and have a seat, it's very tasty.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey CALGARY!!!! Miss us?? Well stock your fridges and hide your daughters Toronto's Bad Boys of Metal are back in town.

MIDNIGHT MALICE will be taking part in the CALGARY METALFEST this year with a nut crushing set at DICKEN"S PUB, Saturday June 7th.

MIDNIGHT MALICE will be lay waste to the streets of Edmonton Friday June 6th with metal brethrens GATEKRASHOR

Awesome CD release show April 5th. Big success for sure.. Thanks to all those who participated and supported the event.

The Bands raged and the whole show ended with Caleb performing an inverted embrace of the crowd


A really great review of the show by Augurian for Metal Master Kingdom